Larissa Zimmerman joins the team at The Property Investor

Buying her first property at 21, at age 30 Larissa chose to work two days per week while conducting her first mid-life assessment. Two years later her brother passed away waking her up to the BIG picture that money is only a means to an end. Having bought property throughout Australia (Sydney, Townsville, Brisbane & Darwin) and Las Vegas USA Larissa realised there is a lot of good that money can do however it is connection and contribution that increases our quality of life. At age 40 she semi-retired in Sydney growing vegetables for the street and 3 years later moved to 300 beautiful acres (120 Ha).

Professionally, having helped thousands of people, Larissa’s company National Financial Fitness (NFF) was selected for the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) Panel of Financial Literacy Experts. Providing training for a healthy Mind, Body & Wallet, NFF works with all sizes of private and Government agencies, including individuals.

Described as the Energiser Bunny she is passionate about helping people lead happy, wealthy lives, on the inside and outside. For those wanting more of a fun approach to finance Larissa’s alter ego of Your Money Mistress helps people Whip their wallets into Shape and escape Financial Bondage. More can be found at and

Larissa will be writing a regular column for The Property Investor starting from next week.,

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