Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists

The Property Investor is pleased to announce our showcase of  Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists.  The outstanding individuals listed in our  top ten cover all disciplines within the sector from commercial and residential developers to design, finance and property marketing.

Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists recognises the outstanding contribution made by individual Australian property experts who have, collectively, shaped the built environment across Australia over the past twelve months.

Doron Peleg





Doron Peleg is the CEO/Founder of RiskWise Property Review. Doron has more than 20 years’ experience in risk management including, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ‘PELEG, KESSEL & CO‘, an assurance and advisory accounting firm in Tel-Aviv, Israel and Executive Manager at Westpac Banking Corporation in Sydney. Read More.

Marion Mays





Marion Mays has spent over 20 years in the Financial Services Sector working across multiple areas of expertise from lending, to debt and asset recovery, as well as directly in property investment.  She holds qualifications in business/marketing, professional coaching, financial planning and real estate.
She has been an avid property investor since 1996 starting her investment journey with a commercial property in Collins Street Melbourne and extending that to an residential property in both Metropolitan and regional Victoria. Read More.

Bushy Martin





Bushy Martin, Founder of KNOW:HOW Property Finance Strategy, is one of Australia’s leading property investment strategists, speakers and author. Read More.

Nathan Birch






Nathan Birch may be inappropriate and a little bit bogan, but, he’s always bold, honest, and sincere! If you walked past him in the street, you probably wouldn’t know you were walking past one of Australia’s top young property investors. Read More.

Zaki Ameer





Dream Design Property (DDP), founded by Zaki Ameer in 2012 has helped close to 800 clients purchase over 1000 properties. Turnover for the company for its first year was $27,000. Four years later DDP enjoys a turnover of $6.8 million and contributes approximately $90,000 to a variety of charities, including Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney Young Professionals, Tiny Miracles, The Sri Lankan Annual Ball and The Bollywood Club, in its efforts to give back to the community.    Read More.

Andrew Crossley





Andrew Crossley from Australian Property Advisory Group is a qualified Property Advisor and Property Advocate with over  20 years’ experience in wealth management, property and finance both in Australia and internationally working in Private Banking in Austria, Italy, Netherlands, UK, and the Cayman Islands.

Read More.


Stephanie Brennan




It all started when I earned my first 50 cents of pocket money from my mum. To me, this fifty cents was not just a shiny piece of silver, it was a ‘million dollars’ or at least that’s how it felt holding it in my hand. Later that day I went to the grocery store with my mum to buy a chocolate bar, “why don’t you use your 50 cents” she said to me, I looked at her blankly, then at the chocolate bar and then back at the 50 cents. It was that moment that went on to define me. It was that moment that made me realise that if I could make another 50 cents I would have options.  Read More.

Bradley Beer





Bradley has over fifteen years experience in the property depreciation, building and construction industry. He commenced employment with BMT in 1998, becoming a Director of the company in 2002.  As a result he has substantial knowledge and specialist experience in property tax depreciation and construction cost consulting. Read More.


Tracy Leske






My Property Scout is owned and operated by licensed real estate buyer’s advocate and agent Tracy Leske. A leading investment property buyer’s agent in Brisbane, Tracy has been entrenched in Residential Real Estate on a professional and personal level since 1998 and holds Real Estate Licenses in Queensland and Victoria. Read More.

Jennifer Norcliffe

Jen’s long list of industry awards and accolades has positioned her as one of the youngest thought leaders in the asset management industry. Jen is proudly the head of property management for Harcourts Packham which has become the largest multi office network in Harcourts South Australia within three years of its inception. Read More.




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